Installing New Taps

Taps are an integral part of a home as they ensure easy access to water which is a basic need for survival. A home is not complete without a working water system including taps. Taps can be a source of stress despite their size in a home. Whenever we move into new homes, it is important to change the taps in the house including bathroom sink taps, kitchen sink taps as well as taps in other parts of the home.


Leaking taps are a major source of water loss in many municipalities in the world. This is a major financial loss for the society as this water is purified and distributed using resources and these resources could be used to provide other beneficial services. In places where water is metered, the constant drip can cost the household a lot of money in the long run. Therefore replacing old taps will save us from financial losses and wastage of other resources like time.


Taps, though not a major part of the home, compliment the interior dcor of a certain homestead. If the home owner is redecorating the house, then this might necessitate the replacement of taps in order to compliment the entire theme of the home. A change of taps may give a room a completely new and better look and so do not overlook the taps when giving a room a face lift.


In some instances lower flow taps maybe preferred in certain areas of the house like kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Regulated flow taps are ideal for bathroom sink taps while kitchen sinks are best fitted with click point taps. If you move into a new home and you realize that the taps you prefer on different places are not the ones fitted, you can install new taps for your own comfort.


Presence of lead in tap waters can be a major cause of ill health to the family. Lead though rare can be found in some metallic water taps and pipes. Water carried in such taps may get laced with the lead and once this water is used for drinking or cooking, it may cause lead poisoning. This causes an upward surge in the lead levels in blood and this is especially harmful to children, pregnant women and infants. Although lead poisoning is not as bad in adults as in children, different individuals will behave different under lead poisoning and it is advisable to take necessary precautions to eliminate the cause. Before you settle into house, it is important to have the water tested for lead so that if it is contaminated, you change the taps and pipes for the good health of your family.

Taps need not be replaced whenever they break down or when they are inefficient. Several other reasons can contribute to the replacement of taps especially when we move into new homes. It is therefore important to give them a thought and take measures where necessary.